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Conference Venue

The conference will be held at four locations at National University Singapore. Here is an overview of the SciCADE 2024 venues and rooms:

Medical Science Library
  • Plenary Lectures 1 to 8

  • Dahlquist Prize Lecture

  • New Talent Award Lecture

  • S17-04-01 Conference Room

  • S17-04-04 Seminar Room 3

  • S17-04-05 Seminar Room 2

  • S17-05-11 Seminar Room 5

  • S17-05-12 Seminar Room 4

  • S17-06-11 Seminar Room 6

  • S16-02-06 New Active Learning Room

  • S16-02-07 New Active Learning Room

  • S16-02-08 New Active Learning Room

  • S16-0304

  • S16-03-05

  • S16-03-06

  • S16-0307

  • S16-0309

  • Registration Desk

  • MSL Training Room 1

  • MSL Training Room 2

  • MSL Collaboration Room 01

  • MSL Collaboration Room 02

  • MSL Collaboration Room 03


Floor plans

Please click here to see the floor plans for breakout rooms.

How to get to the conference venue

By public transportation: Bus 95 will take you directly to either S17 or LT27, depending on the direction. You can also reach LT27 by taking the MRT to Kent Ridge Station on the Circle Line (Yellow Line). Exit via A, take Bus 95 or the University Shuttle (A1, D2, K or BTC) to reach LT27. Alternatively, exit via C and walk northwest along Lower Kent Ridge Road for about 10 minutes to reach S17.

By taxi: Visitors can also take taxi to S16 or S17. The addresses are:

  • S16: 6 Science Drive 2, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117546

  • S17: 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119076

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